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Top Ufo Alien Abduction Tips!
Invisible from even the popular researchers that report about UFO`s and Alien Abductions will be the repelling and preventing of these incidents with Spiritual Weapons. Just like in the case of the particular Mothman encounter that has been repelled by thinking regarding the Blood and brand of Jesus Christ, more and more victims associated with UFO encounters and Alien abductions are reporting that will they have stopped these types of incidents, even after years of torment by these beings, simply by asking the blood of Christ Christ mentally and or crying out in his / her name.
Most UFO scientists will never even talk about or have confidence in this viewpoint, because they are trapped in their limited thinking, with them UFOs and Extraterrestrials are just that, and absolutely nothing more, they may be UFOs coming from another world being operated by Alien beings through that same world. The majority of Cryptozoologists have the similar brand of limited thinking, not really that the cryptids are extraterrestrials, but that they are usually just flesh and blood vessels creatures that have recently been not documented by scientific means. The major experts of these two fields, fall short to think outside the particular box, so to speak, they are unsuccessful to understand the masquerade and true nature of these beings. These so known as researchers are as misled as those that encounter these beings.
The Ay Bible, clearly tells us all what all of these kinds of beings truly are, whether or not they masquerade as aliens, or monsters, they usually are in reality fallen angels, demons and principalities and they tremble at the title of Jesus Christ. Wayne 2: 19 (King James Version) - `Thou believest that there is 1 God; thou doest properly: the devils also consider, and tremble. ` but another version says: `You believe that Jesus will be God in the drag; you do well. Actually the demons believe, plus shudder at his really name`.
So there we have it, a simple nevertheless yet a weapon that is more effective then the gun, knife or principal points at repelling alien in addition to cryptid encounters, the brand or blood of Jesus Christ. You tell me, is an alien from the technological advanced race possibly a thousand years a lot more advanced then us, that travels a large number of light yrs to earth, going in order to be scared away by the name of Jesus Christ, or is usually an 8 foot high, muscular bigfoot or Mothman typed being going to be able to be forced to run away by pleading the blood vessels of Christ, of course not, these beings are instead fallen angels, devils and principalities as i have said inside the Holy Bible.
Simply by Robert W. Benjamin
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