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Contaminated Healthcare Scopes
Contaminated Medical Scopes
In 2012,a bacteria known as CRE, a powerful superbug, spread through the use of a specialized endoscope, threaded down the throat of a half-million patients a year to treat gallstones, cancers and other disorders of the digestive system. They found that the devices, often called duodenoscopes, accumulate bacteria that are not always removed by conventional cleaning, so infections can pass from patient to patient.
Superbto disease causing gersm that aig to sue us resist most available drugs and kill a high number of those infected.
The incidents of transmission from medical equipment such as scopes has garnered media attention over the last several years as infections quickly spread in a number of american cities. In 2015, an LA area hospital saw nearly 200 patients eposed through an endoscope and 2 deaths according to the LA Times.
How did the scopes become contaminated?
The faulty scopes had a small rubber ring designed to keep bacteria out that could fail, trapping blood and tissue within the scope and potentially passing on infections from one patient to the next. The scopes were designed to be sanitized for reuse, but civil suit lawyers ordinary sanitation procedures could not fully eliminate infectious material in the faulty scopes.
What are the dangers from contaminated scopes?
Whenever blood or tissue is passed from one patient to another in a hospital, there
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