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The province is home to many wildlife sanctuaries and preservations that create protected havens for both exotic and indigenous plant and animal life. This has resulted in natural landscapes that are among the most unsullied by the touch of man. Although the coast of Trang enjoys worldwide recognition for its excellent diving and snorkelling sites, its mainland also presents a myriad of breathtaking natural marvels, chief among which are its waterfalls.
The Water Garden of the Asoka Forest of the Khao Laem National Park is an area which boasts innumerable cascades threading through the limestone boulders and trees of a lush and verdant forest. Its main waterfall is Chong Banpot, which appears through a gap in the mountain. The Tone Tok is xem thêm a cascade that is yet more stunning.
Accessible via a bumpy 3 kilometre track, this waterfall appears in a thick, relentless cascade over innumerable tiers of rock of a wide cliff into a basin below, suffusing the whole area in a rain-like mist. There is no uniformity among the rock formations here; some are rounded while others are simply flat.
In this Jan. 22, 2016 photo, worker Phuong Ly removes tea cups from shelves in a pottery factory in Bat Trang village, Hanoi, Vietnam. After a decade of uneven progress, foreign and local businesses hope the reshuffled leadership of Vietnam
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