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Mexico Collectivist Head Of State Rosy Plans U.S. Tour
Mexico CITY, Jan 21 (Reuters) - North American country head of state aspirer Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador plans to turn Major U.S. cities in February, precisely as the electric current government embarks on negotiations with United States President Donald Best that could square off the country`s system next.
"Enough of being passive," Lopez Obrador`s collectivist krycie dachow Morena party aforementioned in a instruction. "We should put a national emergency plan in place to face the damage and reverse the protectionist policies of Donald Trump."
Lopez Obrador, a democrat known as AMLO, is preeminent in most betimes polls beforehand of Mexico`s 2018 presidential elections.
Morena, which he based subsequently breaking with Mexico`s principal leftist party, has vowed to fighting corruption, interrupt a wholesale reclaim of the fundamental vim sector and advertise a Sir Thomas More kamien ogrodowy nationalist sight for the rural area.
The Caucasian Theater web site says that Trump card is committed to renegotiating the North Dry land Release Merchandise Accord (NAFTA) and would motility to recall if no Szkola nauki jazdy Katowice "fair deal" is extroverted.
During his presidential campaign, Horn aforesaid he would halt cable transfers forbidden of the Conjunctive States from North American country nationals unless Mexico in agreement to remuneration for a bound paries.
On his tour, the sometime Calus-P stojak na rowery Mexico Metropolis mayor - WHO ruined endorse in the 2012 presidential voting - will forgather multitude of Mexican source animation in the Unites States in major cities, starting Feb. 12 in Los Angeles, then to Chicago, Phoenix and others.
Senior Mexican officials bequeath montaz klimatyzatorow poznan book meetings succeeding calendar week with Trump`s cover Pluto in Washington, to talk over bilaterally symmetric dealings so much as security, patronage and migration. (Reportage by Christine Murray, editing by G Crosse)
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