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Dark Side Of `One Punch Man` Reality And Saitama`s Existential Crisis

OPM is a gag show but when you look at it on a different perspective, things will get darker.

#saitama is no doubt the life of \"One #Punch #Man\" and one of the most OP character in the Anime universe. He can defeat any enemies by One Punch Man Episode 1 punch and shrugs almost every attack that he receives. But while he bears a great power, he also bears the loneliness that can only be cured by a defeat. In the latest chapter of the manga, Saitama`s underlying problem is becoming evident. In his great search for a powerful opponent, will he come in the same path Lord Boros has walked and become the evil himself?
Saitama`s `not emphasized` depression

Saitama might be depicted as an average Joe in the series even though he is the most powerful so far.

Of course, there`s his amazing strength and everything, but it can also be emphasized that his lack of friends and family is something that is hard to miss. It can be explained that he`s just a super socially awkward guy, but you can`t also miss the angle of depression. Some signs of depression include difficulty in remembering details, losing motivation in something you used to like, and \"empty feelings\". It is a good thing that Saitama pays no attention to this problem, avoiding inconvenience when necessary. But what would happen if this ultimate boredom will hit him harder than before?
Saitama the monster?

If Saitama is a monster, he would be a God-Level monster that could wipe out the humanity (heck, his one punch can even alter the atmosphere). He is the other side of a coin while Garou is on the other.

While Garou focused on being a monster to be very strong, Saitama became so damn strong because of his desire to be a hero. A Reddit user by the name of Tendoi theorized that Saitama, being so determined on his desire to overcome his training, has turned into a monster himself, hence the baldness. The transformation is just minimal because of his \"pure\" intention.

Who is the real villain?

So who`s really the real villain? Lord Boros, Garou, and even the Monster Association are not considered as the main villain of the story. What if this series is like the \"Death Note\"? Will Saitama be the God-Level threat that the prophecy is pertaining? Will Blast be the one that will bring him down? Blast is speculated to be someone who is as powerful as Saitama. Even Tatsumaki pays a great respect for this guy. Will the final fight be against Blast and Saitama? It is too early to decide, and things could be the other way around. Everything in this series is very unpredictable but there`s one thing that is very certain: Saitama will end all his battles with an epic punch.

Stay Tune For More Updates On One Punch Man

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